A debut collection of poems featuring the Pacific Ocean

This project began in 2010 as a collection of poetry written and inspired along the coastline of Northern California, from Montara to Santa Cruz. What followed was 8 years of heartbreak and healing, depression and elation, finding oneself over and over again, always alongside the ocean.

While spending over a decade living, surfing and traveling along Highway 1, local Pacific Coast poet, Coco Peezy, intimately portrays and pays homage to the California coastline. These poems are inspired by our relationship with self, others, nature, and of course: saltwater…

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Kind Words

Here’s a small sampling of what readers thought about Coastal.

“I highly recommend reading Coastal, a collection of short poems by Coco Peezy. They are very personal and sensitive and reflect the feelings of someone who is close to nature. She also shares her experiences from her personal relationships: Love, heartbreak, growth, survival and maturity. Anyone who is in a relationship or has just lost someone close to them will be able to relate and benefit from this well written masterpiece. I can’t wait for her next book to arrive."

— Paul Hoffman
Pebble Beach, CA

"Impressive Debut. This is a beautiful, well-designed little book that brightens whatever surface it adorns. The pieces are thoughtful, yet approachable...elevated, yet democratic. Each piece has its on locale and feel. For example, “Wet Dogs” is like the comforting sensation of chewing on a warm espresso bean, before going on a walk in the rain."

— Thomas Barron, author of Bocas and Bronte

“Perfectly encapsulating Northern California's coastal vibe, I loved how nature is the main thematic pillar of the collection. While I am not one to particularly enjoy the ocean, each stanza deftly puts to words how one should think of the ocean's natural beauty."

— Travis Pazin
Seattle, WA

"A raw, vulnerable, and beautiful piece of work written by a truly great young author. All the poems fill you with warm fuzzies and leave you wanting more! Everyone needs this book of poetry in their collection for a refreshing breath of fresh air. Coco Peezy has a way with words, and I cant wait to see more of her work."

— Sophie Scafani, Photographer