"Leaving is not enough; you must stay gone."

The title of this post comes from a poem written by poet Marty McConnell entitled, “Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell.” She wrote this poem as if Frida Kahlo were giving her the relationship advice she was seeking.

Likewise, below is a poem from Frida about (assumably) Diego Rivera (please comment if you know otherwise), for which I am using to understand who and what is tolerable in a romantic relationship, as I begin a much delayed period of living in solitude. Her final three lines resonate deeply.


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I’m stoked you made it to my site! Maybe this means you have a copy of Coastal?! Maybe this means you are going to have a copy of Coastal in your near future?! :D

Anyways, for this first post I’m simply going to identify and explain parts about the site so you can navigate it better. All future blog posts will be found here and will usually be a random babble about something that is moving me, pissing me off, confusing me, exciting me, or making me laugh. Sometimes these posts will come in the form of prose, poetry, articles, reviews, essays, quotations, art, songs, visual clips, etc.

Whatever it is that I share, I will try and say something honest and novel to explain its relevance and importance!

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